Live video lessons available worldwide via Skype or visit us in Nanuet, NY for a face to face lesson.

J & R

John teaches both the two row (specializing in the B/C system) and the three row button accordion. In his classes, you will:

•    Learn to read music
•    Pick up tunes by ear
•    Develop a strong understanding of music theory
•    Learn to play with other musicians (in sessions)
•    Learn to play for dancers

And much, much more–All at your own pace!!!

Each lesson is approximately one hour in length. Students can start in the beginner (little or no knowledge of the instrument), intermediate (has been playing for at least 1 year) or advanced program (has a strong background on the accordion and has been playing for the last three years.)  If you do not currently own a Button Accordion, you can purchase your choice of new accordions or rent a used one through the school.



Student develops a familiarity of the fundamentals of the instrument
Learns the basics of music theory
Learns how music notes correspond to which buttons on the accordion
Begins learning a variety of Level I Irish music (simple waltzes, marches, jigs and hornpipes)
Introduction to basic fingering techniques
Introduction to the left hand basses and chords
All music taught in class is written in staff notation and recorded onto audio cassette tapes (blank tapes supplied by student)

Student should now have a solid understanding of the accordion, be able to read music and play it on the accordion
Explores Level II tunes—comprised of more difficult jigs and hornpipes as well as polkas, slides, reels and set pieces
Introduction to variations and ornamentation
Development of the left hand skills to accompany the right hand melodies
Begins to learn tunes through ear training (audio only—no written music)
Introduction to playing for dancers
Special preparation for competitions
Music sessions strongly encouraged


Graduate to Level III tunes consisting of Levels I & II type tunes with a higher degree of difficulty
Develops strong right hand maneuverability through advanced fingering techniques
Learn to be creative through advanced ornamentation
Develop strong ear training skills with recordings and live sessions
Explore theories of counterpoint, chords and harmony on the right hand—A must for working with professional music ensembles
Build a repertoire to fulfill any and all musical venues
Refine the skills needed to be an accomplished musician for dancers
Start writing your own music!!!