” I’ve been trusting my student and friend John Nolan with my grey Paolo Soprani for years now. When I want it just right, I go to John. ”

-Billy McComiskey, Senior All Ireland Champion, National Endowment of the Arts Award Winner








“For over 35 years, I’ve been very happy to call John Nolan my friend. During that time, I have had the fortune to share the stage with him on hundreds of occasions, and I am still amazed at his skills on the accordion, whether playing a jig or a reel or when providing just the right chord or note when backing up a singer. My late father Joe Madden, another All-Ireland champion accordion player, admired John’s playing greatly as well. He also was highly impressed by John’s first-class skills as a top notch technician in the tuning and repairing of accordions. Dad often turned to John to tune up and fix any issues that would arise with his precious Paolo Soprani, and he was always thrilled with the results. John is the consummate professional. You can’t go wrong sharing the stage or sharing your instrument with him – because it will be done right.”

– Joanie Madden, Senior All Ireland Champion, Founder Member and Leader of Cherish The Ladies    www.cherishtheladies.com   Joanie@cherishtheladies.com







“I have known John Nolan for almost four decades and was delighted when he entered into the world of repairing and tuning of accordions. If you want the best you have to go to the best and that is just what I did. John has been tuning and repairing all my accordions for a number of years now, and I can honestly say wherever I perform everyone says how wonderful it sounds. Take it from me, you will never be disappointed.”

– John Whelan, Senior All Ireland Champion         http://johnwhelanmusic.com/








“John’s credentials as a musician are evident not only in his powerful and lively playing, but also through his reputation as a sought after teacher, and his abilities as a well respected accordion tuner, repair man, and salesman. He is one of the finest out there!”

– Seagda Coyle, Student of Buttons And Bellows, Future Senior All Ireland Champion